Sales Automation for Ceramics & Sanitaryware Dealers

Solutions to automate Sales, Service, Inventory and Logistics functions. Build a business that can grow without you.

Showroom Management

Streamline customer walkin process

Product Selection

Automate Product Selection Process

Quotation Management

Automate Quotation Process. Track discounts & revisions

Invoicing & Dispatch

Invoicing, Payment Status and Dispatch Tracking

Manage Leads, Contacts, Customers, Influencers, Product Selection, Quotations, Discounts, Material Availability, PO Details, Payment Status, Feedback all from a single place. 

Data Collection Process

Eliminate data collection in notebooks, excel files and manual slips maintained by Customer Relationship Executives and sales teams. Record all data systematically in a centralized platform.

Create and track every transaction related to an account. Get a 360 degree view of your customer.

Contact management - CRM

Manage Products & Details

Get automatic details about the product, brand wise discount, Units, stock and cross-selling & Upselling suggestions.

Manage thousands of products in verticals like Faucets, Tiles, Ceramics, Wellness are available.

Sanitaryware showroom sales automation picture

Customer History & Updates

Give access to quick display of information related to the client, his preference, previous orders and selections to the Sales Team.

The moment a customer walks in, the sales team will be able to access data. Trigger SMS Pop-ups, Alerts or Email Reminders to the concerned persons at each stage of the process.

Facts & Figures for Management

Management / Leadership will get insights of every activity and transaction inside the showroom.

Get personalized reports, dashboards and custom views on large opportunities. Manage escalation and approvals on a realtime basis.

Improvise communication process both internally and externally.

dashboard- Sales Automation - CRM for sanitaryware dealers

Material Availability & Operations

Information on Material Availability in Godowns, PO details, PO Delivery dates, Order dates, Material Receipt and eSugam sent dates.

Get Information on Delivery Challan (DC) created with UID number, DC assigned to with dates, Material arranged, Customer Checking and provision to enter Delivery Details.

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