Planning for a CRM transition/ makeover?

Let us help you discover facts, gather insights, enlist goals, define purpose and benefits of implementing a CRM Process through a Business Process Review

Understand as (it) is

Follow and document the current processes used, within the client organisation


Highlight gaps and redundancies in existing processes

Project To Be

re-engineer the identified processes in line with the best practices

Benefits of opting for a BPR Exercise:

A joint activity with high levels of ownership and responsibilities.

Enable Solid Senior Sponsorship from CXO level executives, Establish clear channels of communication and Participation from key users from relevant departments

The BPR Approach

A discovery phase with spirit of openness, exploration and contribution

Series of interactions with Top, Middle Management as well as executives

Conduct interviews, discussions and brainstorming sessions as well as hand-holding walk-through sessions

Interview Approach

Interview sessions with:

Role based open-ended Questions

Go through a detailed BPR Workbook process

Live walk-through of current systems by users

Focus on all areas

Finalize on:

Database Management – Fields and objects to be created during the implementation with a view to performance.

Integration – Does the system need to integrate with a backend system like SAP, Oracle, Tally, Telephony systems, etc.

Security and Administration – Profiles, roles, access control for each user type.

Reporting and Dashboards – These are key to provide information clients need to manage their business and take actionable insights.

Solution Mapping and Recommendation

A comprehensive collation of information collected, industry best practices analysis and expert advice. Results in:

Product recommendation

Solution Design Document

Scope of work and contract

How do you know if BPR is a success?

When you have a 100% clarity on project path - scope, timeline and cost.
When product that is a solution fit has been identified
When you have a Transformation Blueprint that can be used by any Vendor.

Customer Engagement Solution

CRM - Sales Automation Solutions - Customer Engagement Cycle

Key Takeaways

A BPR exercise defines a clear path for your CRM transition along with a blueprint and solution document. A stated and documented Goal, Vision and the process to achieve them are published in this phase.

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