Hey Boss, Its your duty to empower and equip your sales team!

Keep Track

Help your sales team keep up with all the leads, prospects, and customers

Build Intelligence

Predict customer needs & meet them with personal attention that builds relationships and revenue

Get Insights

Help them know what to do at each stage in the pipeline. Make decisions and moves based on data points

Sales process automation is about working towards establishing a standardized process that prompts what action should be taken at what time – and allows them to feed the right information in the right sequence.

This makes your process repeatable and adoptable.

Empower your team with smarter sales capabilities:

Actionable Insights: Access your customer relationships, take appropriate decisions based on intelligent data. Use digital intelligence, automated lead scoring and analytics.

Personal Engagement: Create custom sales documents, events and record meeting notes. Use the team's experience to work towards your goals.

Customer Management: Know how and when to engage. Let the sales people identify and work on the right lead and opportunity as they build their pipeline.

Align your team's actions with best practices to achieve optimized sales performance!

Sales Automation elements by Rapid GPRS

Establish a proven sequence and get your sales team to address each type of opportunity, decide on who can do what, and set conditions and actions that have to be met for a deal to close.

Customer Engagement Solution

CRM - Sales Automation Solutions - Customer Engagement Cycle

Key Takeaways

Increase In Productivity
Contextual Customer Insights
Collaborative work style
Work anywhere anytime


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