Extend timely support to all customers anywhere, anytime and across all channels seamlessly. Increase loyalty, retention and satisfaction.

Increase Productivity

Let your employees have quick access to insights on how to best serve your customers. Manage every data point from individual customers in real time.

Customer Loyalty

Let customers instantly connect via their channel of choice. Extending personalized service minimizes customer effort & maximizes satisfaction.

Empower Agents

Grant access to the right answers at the right time. Provide agents with a single unified experience to deliver superior service. Let agents make the best decision.

Ensure timely resolution of every single issue with a single user interface

Attend – Analyze – Solve – Escalate – Resolve

Empower your service agents with relavent insights:

Every time you serve a customer, you’re being given an opportunity to strengthen your brand’s reputation. Customers expect personalized services on their terms across any channel from wherever they are; in their office, at home or on the go.

Being proactive and anticipating your customer's needs with personalized service will drive them to promote your brand.

Yet, for you to deliver on your company's brand promise, you need to stay connected with customers and know what works, what’s changing and what needs to change, with the power to respond to those shifts instantly.

Service automation is the key. Listen, analyze and resolve effectively.

customer service automation - Rapid GPRS

The purpose of our existance is to enable companies to deliver intelligent customer engagement – resulting in amazing customer experiences. We do that via end-to-end customer engagement that is personalized, proactive and predictive.

Agents who are empowered with the context of the customer interaction and have access to resources they need to answer questions are going to be more effective and happier.  In fact, happier agents are 2x more likely to deliver on CSAT, NPS and other important customer effort metrics.

Customer Engagement Solution

CRM - Sales Automation Solutions - Customer Engagement Cycle

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Service Momentum


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