India’s top Vtiger CRM Cloud Edition Partner

Rapid GPRS is a certified and trusted reseller partner for Vtiger Cloud Edition. Our expertise in Vtiger’s cloud editions has supported several businesses in setting up sales, service and CRM processes. If you would like regional assistance with any of your Vtiger deployments, we are with you!

Expect the following with our involvement:

  • Business Process Review & Reengineering
  • A proven and result oriented Sales, Marketing and support Process
  • Customization of the tool to suit your organization goals and processes
  • Effective Reports and Dashboards

Vtiger On-Demand Services

A well executed CRM transformation exercise, will benefit your organization with: Improved conversion rates, Quality lead engagement, Increased sales productivity, Automated and scalable marketing, sales and support activities across branches and organizations.

Let us help you build a successful Customer Relationship Management Process at your organization. Our Packages also include Customizing Vtiger, and training teams to get the most out of Vtiger CRM.

What can you do with Vtiger CRM?

Manage Contacts

See a 360-degree history of each contact

Email Marketing

Send targeted bulk, drip, and auto responder campaigns

Track Opportunities

Visualize and act on the sales pipeline

Sales Forecasting

See pre-built forecasts, or create custom ones

Sales Reporting

See pre-built sales insights, or create and schedule periodic reports and charts

Pre-Built Sales Insights

Dive deep into your sales team, activity, and pipeline performance

Sales Workflow Automation

Build if-then rules to automate record creation, field updates, and notifications

Calendars & Tasks

Manage personal and team tasks and calendars, and sync with third party calendars

Documents & Collaboration

Converse on records with @mentions. Upload docs, add to contacts/ integrate into email


Integrate with third party software, like Quickbooks, Twilio, and Google Contacts

Quotes, Invoices, & Inventory

Store products & services, use them to build custom quotes, invoices, and sales orders.

Support Cases

Create support cases from any channel, and auto-assign them to agents

Customer Portal

Let customers log in to a portal to submit and review tickets, share files, and view the knowledge base

Service-Level Agreement

Create and apply SLAs to cases, which auto-escalate when they're at risk of being violated.

Manage Projects

Create customer-associated projects with assignable tasks, milestones, and due dates.

Best of the organizations focus on increasing customer satisfaction and retention as much as they focus on Acquiring New Customers.

Key Takeaways

  • Improved conversion rates
  • Better lead engagement
  • Increase in sales productivity
  • Automated and scalable marketing, sales and support functions across branches and organizations
  • Sales team converted into an efficient and smart sales team.
  • Passionate support teams that can stand by your customer at all times.

Set yourself on a fast track mode with a proven system for over millions of users across the globe. Take action NOW!

What can we help you with?

Lead Source

Increase automation, optimise efforts and reduce duplication of activities.

Create a fast growing business. Get on Today!